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New Home Construction in Anne Arundel County

Current Development: Jiggsy Court

We’re getting asked a lot of questions about our new development.  Potential buyers want to know how many lots we have, how many acres per home site, what schools the development feeds into, and can they use our own builder? People have also been asking, where does the name Jiggsy come from?


Jiggsy is my father’s nickname.  Growing up, I thought Jiggsy was his name!  He’s had it for over 80 years.  Anyone who calls him by his given name, John, obviously doesn’t know him.  He and my mother Patricia, or Patsy as she’s called, raised six kids.  


It wasn’t easy.  Jiggsy was a vice-principal at a middle school during the day, a demanding job, and had a second job as a principal at a night school.  My parents’ world was their kids.  They spent almost every weekend at soccer games or at basketball games, where Dad somehow found time to coach.  Of course there was endless laundry to be done and meals to prepare and dishes to wash, as eating eat was a rare occasion. Yet, in retrospect, those chores might have been the easier part of raising six kids.


I am grateful for the many sacrifices my parents made, too many to list, over the many years of raising a large family.  Patsy and Jiggsy always kept a sense of humor and a hopeful outlook.  Well, more so Jiggsy. He’s Irish after all. Naming a street after them, with my father’s distinctive moniker, is a small way to say thank you and honor them for their unconditional love and support.  I could never truly express my gratitude.     


My parents still live in the house we were all raised in.  That house has more than half a century of love, challenges and family memories.  Our wish for you is that your new home holds as many fond memories for you and your family, as my parents’ home holds for us.  

You’re going to love Jiggsy Court!

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